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$VNFTY Token Info

Find all about the $VNFTY Token

Embedding tokens as Native token

As you know, embedding tokens into NFTs to give real VALUE to them is our outstanding feature. To enbale this our community is going to use our Natice token $VNFTY.


Users earn rewards for staking their vNFTy tokens. The rewards can be distributed in the form of additional vNFTy tokens, or platform-specific benefits. The distribution of rewards can be based on factors such as the duration of staking, the amount of tokens staked, or predetermined reward rates.


Governance will take place to community based decisions through voting using our token vNFTy. We want our community to be the ultimate decision maker.

Traditional Trading

We will be listing our native token $VNFTY on CEXs and DEXs for trading purposes. All users can trade/buy/sell $VNFTY on those platforms. Listings will be available soon(TBD).

$VNFTY Token Info

Find all about the $VNFTY Token

Staking Rewards(25%)
Native Swap(15%)
Liquidity Pool(25%)

Contract Address

Coming Soon....!

Total Supply


Mutli-Chain Support

We are going to be on mainly on Polygon and supports multi-chain too. Such as BSC, Avalanche, Optimism, Ethereum, Solana, etc.

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Our vNFTy is one of a kind NFT Marketplace that helps Crypto Token Owners to increase token Sales and transaction volume. Our ground breaking feature Minting With Tokens can help any Crypto Tokens to increase sales and transaction volume.